Is Cider Clothing Legit: A review and tips before you order

When I come across a new online clothing store website, I often find myself questioning whether it’s legit or not. I know you too! With all those cute trendy clothes adv popping on your screen every now and then but with no authenticity of the store frustrates you, isn’t it?

The first time I saw all the Cider clothes, I audibly gasped as a girl who loves colors and whimsical clothing but lives in a world where neutral Kardashian pieces always seem to dominate the market. For the last two months, I have seen adorable tweed outfits in my Instagram stories and I have to admit… I got intrigued. From special sweaters to tops with a retro feel, fairy tale lacy dresses, or mushroom printed pants — there’s something for everyone in this wild, but still very much ‘farmhouse chic’ collection. I love online shopping but wondered whether it’s legit or if it’s just another fake shopping website. Here is what I found.

In a relatively short period, Cider has achieved great popularity in the female fashion clothing sector. This fast-fashion brand offers stylish and trendy clothing that embraces joy for everyday women. They use Instagram and TikTok for publicity of their clothing.  Here in this blog, you’ll get a quick buyer’s guide and find out if Cider clothing is worth spending money on or not.

All About Cider Clothing.

Four friends founded Cider in 2020 to create a fashion brand that celebrates happiness in everyday life. It’s called after a popular apple drink.

Who owns Cider Clothing?

The brand is owned by the creative duo: Fenco Lin(Cofounder & Chief Fashion Officer) and Yu Oppel, (Cofounder & CMO), 

Where Cider Clothing Is Based.

They’ve chosen to make Los Angeles their home, do that the sunny, carefree atmosphere and diverse culture provide the perfect backdrop for their brand’s emphasis on good vibes and inclusivity. However, the design of Cider is inspired by not just a single metropolitan area, but a multitude. They’re a global fashion brand, inspired by the lively and diverse street style of New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai, and Seoul. Cultures and identities have been mixed and mingled in today’s age of worldwide connectivity. A unique fusion of borderless beauty is offered by cider, which reinterprets styles in a new global way.

This clothing line came literally from nowhere and infiltrated your feeds with new Cider drops. Priced affordably and with unique styling options, the brand was touted amongst young females as the place to be. Their accounts quickly took off online. They now have over two million followers on Instagram. 

The brand ensures that the boundaries of fashion are maintained, that it is relatable and environmentally friendly, and that it caters to all sizes. Moreover, it is in line with the No Waste Policy that they manufacture only small batches of products as per order. There is also footwear and accessories in the collection, which are perfect for everyday purchases.

Is Cider Legit? Is The Store Real or a Fraud? 

Cider Clothing is a legitimate brand with more than 2 million downloads in the United States alone and 4.1 million followers on Instagram. Some of their launches went viral and hit home, particularly among the Gen Z cohort. While the clothes are mostly made out of pure polyester and spandex, an array of choices offer good value fashion at their price point.

I went over to the website in order to see more distinctive styles that I hadn’t seen before. It also seemed to me that the cider clothing customer reviews were pretty good. The fact that you’re getting free shipping on orders over $49 is worth mentioning. You’ll also be able to cut the price by half with cider coupons.

Buyer’s Guide to Cider Clothing

With a huge selection of street styles at reasonable prices, Cider has retro and more refined options. If you are fond of unusual styles at a reasonable price like me. They’ve got various collections, also referred to as drops, designed for a particular style. You can find 2, or 20, items that give you all your heart eyes whether you are feeling sophisticated or retro.

What’s Good About the Customer Service of Cider? 

They respond Really fast! I’ve had a problem with the code on my site, so I sent an email to Cider customer support and they have replied in 24 hours. This is a lot more rapid than many of the other brands I’ve had to contact over the years.

Final Thought

I had made a promise to myself never to succumb to the allure of fast-fashion advertisements on Instagram. However, a particularly adorable one from Cider recently popped up, and, well, I must admit I couldn’t resist. Initially, I had reservations about making a purchase from Cider, as I typically avoid fast fashion. Surprisingly, my experience buying from the brand turned out to be quite positive. The Instagram post that caught my attention featured an incredibly charming bright pink sweater and shorts set – a hue completely outside my usual preference for neutrals only.

It took about a week for my order to be delivered and the following days I received it in perfect condition without any strange smells or wrinkles. It’s very thick, it’s made of a dense knit, and doesn’t itch at all, something I am particularly sensitive to. I wore it all myself, with a white T-shirt underneath, and the sweater is very flexible enough for pairs of jeans or ballet flats or boots so you basically can get a bunch of different looks in one outfit.Overall, I’ve had a good experience ordering from Cider and would definitely return to the brand if something really exciting came up. I’m not saying that everything they produce is good, but if you have a question about whether or not Cider Clothing is legit, and with no reports of fraud, as long as you look for trendy designs at bargain prices, cider certainly isn’t out of the question. Remember, when buying trendy dresses at a price as low as they can get, use the cider coupon codes.