Crumbl Cookies to unveil new cookie flavor every week

The most delightful news you can hear today is, ‘Hey, there’s a new flavor of cookie, wanna try!’

Regardless of how challenging your day may be, the moment you begin discussing cookies, cakes, or pies, or when you share cookies with someone, there’s nothing but good news. 

Prepare for a delicious journey! Let’s take a look at Crumbl Cookie World and see what’s going on with their flavor release schedule.

Crumbl offers an enticing, constantly changing variety of flavors for those who find the simple pleasure of a cookie irresistible. There are always new surprises every week, and anticipation is a part of the experience. Crumbl Cookies features a weekly selection of six unique flavors from their extensive menu, which boasts an impressive array of over 250 delightful cookie varieties on rotation. Old desserts such as pies, brownies, cheesecakes, and candies are the flavor inspiration of some of its best-selling flavors.

When can you expect the exciting arrival of the new Crumbl Cookies flavors?

Every week, Crumbl officially releases a new flavor of cookies on Monday nights.  Depending on where you are, the precise time may differ according to your local bakery Crumbl’s operating hours. But in the evening, customers are generally expecting an exciting unveiling of new flavors. Then, from Tuesday morning onwards, the new batches of flavors will be available for purchase until Monday after that.

It allows Crumbl to keep offering customers fresh, exciting flavors on a weekly basis. cookie lovers can look forward to a new, delicious taste. Their weekly menu usually consists of four unique flavors available between Tuesday and Monday, in addition to two lasting ones like the classic milk chocolate chip or chilled sugar cookies.

How’d Customers Learn About the New Flavors? 

You can certainly be informed about the most recent flavor of Crumbl’s cookies in different ways: 

  • Crumbl App: You’ll be able to get notifications every time a new flavor comes out if you use the Crumbl app on your phone. 
  • Social Media Account: You will be informed of the latest releases via their social media accounts. On social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook, Crumbl regularly posts new flavors of their cookies. 
  • Crumbl email Newsletter: Regular updates on the new cookie flavors, special offers, and more are sent to subscribers of Crumbl’s email newsletter. 
  • Crumbl Store: You’ll notice posters and signs that prominently display the recipes of each week as you enter any Crumbl store. 
  • Crumbl’s official website: You can Visit their official website to get a full weekly update on the latest flavor of your cookies.

In addition to the launch of new weekly featured flavors, Crumbl is launching a new podcast called “Crumbl Unboxed” where they will announce their week’s lineup. Significant moments from fan mail, direct messages via social media, and experience of Crumbl clients will also be shown in the podcast.

These various channels ensure you never miss out on the delightful cookie offerings from Crumbl.

Crumbl Cookies this week is treating consumers with a brand-new flavor added to the menu. Here are the delicious mouthwatering options available this week for you:

  1. Milk Chocolate Chip: 

It’s the classic choice, and you simply can’t go wrong with it. These cookies are thick, soft, and packed with an abundance of milk chocolate chips. 

  1. Pink Velvet Cake: 

If you’re in the mood for something velvety and sweet, the Pink Velvet Cake cookie is for you. It’s like enjoying a slice of cake in cookie form, topped with a layer of creamy vanilla cream cheese frosting and adorned with pink velvet cookie crumbs. 

  1. Cookie Butter White Chip: 

A warm cookie butter cookie that’s loaded with Biscoff® cookie pieces and creamy white chips. It’s a delightful combination of flavors. 

  1. Brookie:

Craving both chocolate chip and chocolate cookies? The Brookie is the perfect solution! It’s a blend of a semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie and a rich chocolate cookie, perfectly baked together for the ultimate chocolatey experience.

  1. Banana Cream Pie: 

For those who love the classic taste of banana cream pie, they can have a creamy vanilla pudding cookie studded with vanilla wafers and fresh banana slices nestled in a buttery pie crust. 

  1. Pumpkin Cheesecake: 

Fall flavors are in the air! chilly cheesecake cookie with a buttery graham base, pumpkin cheesecake frosting, and a graham cracker crust streusel. It’s like autumn in every bite. 

Would you like to give one a try? or do any of these cookies sound like your kind of cookie? Feel free to choose your favorite or you can visit Crumbl cookies website or store for more details about any of these delightful cookie options! 

One more question that might come to your mind right now is, ‘How much does Crumbl Cookies cost? 

The standard and mini cookies are $2.80 each, while the weekly flavor is $1.25. You must order at least one hundred cookies per flavor for catering varieties, which cost $280 for the basic and $125 for the mini. You can use the Crumbl cookies promo code to avail of discounts.


Crumble has an innovative approach to cookie flavors and is known for its progressive menu that provides customers with a sense of excitement and engagement. Although Crumbl has a variety of frequencies and is influenced by the artistic whim of the team, completely new flavors are usually made available every week. This allows customers to taste, for the first time in their lives, a completely new and unique cookie flavor each week. It is one of the reasons that Crumbl’s devoted and passionate fan base exists.

It’s a delight for dessert lovers from all over the world when Crumble releases new cookie flavors every week. That also allows the possibility of experimenting with a large variety of flavors. Crumble will ensure that there is always something to be excited about, whether you’re looking forward to your favorite cookie making a comeback or are eager to try something completely new. Be sure to check in each Monday with news of the new flavors.