5 Best Snapchat Viewers for Stories & Profiles

Snapchat had been around for 10 years and that meant it was definitely one of the most popular social media sites in the world. It’s still popular among the younger generation, and to keep pace with other major social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram have introduced a number of features over recent years, including stories from Snapchat. You’re now able to send quick Snapchat stories, the people who are following you will be able to see them before they disappear. One element of this feature is that Snapchat counts how many people are viewing your Snapchat story, so you’ll be able to see the overall view count at the end of the day.

But what if you are someone who would want to see somebody’s Snapchat story, and you don’t wanna let them know that you saw it?

You may have someone you love and don’t want to let anyone know that you are spying on them. If you don’t use the Snapchat viewer app, there’s a lot of risk. Watching other people’s Snapchat activity anonymously is one of the main reasons you’ll need to use these apps

In addition, if your kids are using Snapchat a lot, and you’re worried about what they’re posting, whether it’s right or not. It’s also useful if you’re not trusting your spouse right now, and you’re wondering what they’re posting on their private Snapchat.

For that, we’ve got a Snapchat viewer here. We’re going to check out the best Snapchat story viewers available for you.


mSpy is one of the best Snapchat viewing apps that help you keep a tab on your target users’ Snapchat activities and social media channels. You will need to set up a personal account and select the desired plan. Then you’ll be able to monitor everyone.

You’re probably familiar with mSpy, a popular name in the spy business particularly if you are looking for ways to monitor your children’s Snapchat activities or stories. They will show you on their site right away that they can help you not only with Snapchat but many other apps if you want to cover all aspects of your child’s online activity. The application allows you to view their photographs, videos, and messages in a simple way. You’ll be able to monitor anyone, too, without being detected.

Well, if you don’t know anything about the world of technology and don’t want to follow a ten-step process for getting started. This app is perfect for you as This is just going to take a few minutes. They’re also sensitive to your security, and they don’t give you or your kid any personal information.


uMobix is the newest and most recent Snapchat story viewer which will be able to help you see all Snapchat stories and profiles that your users don’t know about. The uMobix Snapchat viewer app is in stealth mode, meaning that it’s impossible for the target users to find out what activities are being monitored. Snapchat allows you to share pictures or videos that have disappeared shortly after they’ve been posted. You can also receive screenshots of the photos your child has sent, even if they’ve already been deleted.

You can look at a demonstration to understand how these features operate if you’re trying to ensure that their internet safety and responsible choices are safeguarded. Furthermore, your teenagers’ activities on different online platforms can be discreetly monitored while you are unaware of their vigilance. They’re keeping up with industry technology, meaning that you can spend more time making sure your kids are safe online.


Eyezy is a video chat viewer that has an inbuilt invisible shield that allows it to remotely access the activity on your Snapchat accounts. You’re also allowed to watch stories and clips of interest that are not detected.

It’s one of the most popular Snapchat Stories viewers and provides another useful feature, like a social spotlight. You will be able to see and review existing conversations, including those that have been erased in conjunction with their temporal dates using this feature. Eyezy’s internal GPS makes it easy to find your location. You can find out what your kids will be doing on Snapchat or any of the platforms that you use.

Indeed, EyeZy is undoubtedly one of the better-known apps that can help you watch Snapchat if you go through 3rd party websites. You’ll find very good reviews from current customers as well as past clients. They’re proud of being able to find the latest and greatest technologies so you can see what your kids are posting on their Snapchat accounts, as well as be completely anonymous and discreet about it. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with their features yourself or see what it looks like on its website, whatever you prefer. Since they have so many different features that you can choose from, we are sure this will be the only monitoring tool you to ever need.


Hoverwatch is a useful Snapchat spy app, which uses effective techniques to prevent employees from participating in activities not related to work during their working hours. However, If your company uses social networks to reach out to your existing and potential clients, you can do this with the Snapchat profile viewer app. To tell your employees about discipline and productivity, you can use the Hoverwatch app to monitor Snapchat activity or anything else that’s happening on a corporate device.

This is their way of identifying themselves as a cellphone tracker so you can discreetly watch your kids’ Snapchat activities, such as stories or profiles. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep an eye on their wireless conversations, texts, and interactions with additional apps such as WhatsApp or Instagram that they don’t even know about.

As soon as you visit their website, you’re going to see a list of stepwise instructions that can be used to sign up for the features they offer, which is great because someone who isn’t familiar with this technology will find it useful.


If you are looking for a discreet way of monitoring your children’s Snapchat stories, Cocospy Snapchat viewer is an excellent choice that focuses primarily on parental control. With Cocospy, you can view their Snapchat content without your views counting towards their total view count, ensuring that your monitoring remains undetected while you keep an eye on their online activities.

When it comes to compatibility, they’re compatible with both Apple and Android, and they say they’ve got features that cater to both parents and business owners, which is helpful if you’re a business owner, and you want to make sure your employees are using their company phones for work on time.

Before you commit to anything for a long time or buy this Snapchat profile viewer’s features now, you can watch their demo in the beginning and make sure that they’re good at what they do.