Kate Middleton Owns 3 Aspinal of London Handbags

Kate Middleton’s handbag choices have always come as a surprise, as she switches up her style more often and explores various bag designs.

Unlike the late Queen Elizabeth, the Princess of Wales embraces versatility by opting for a range of bag types, including clutches, tote bags, and top-handle bags. And every woman keeps a keen eye on what her choices are. Well as far as we know her collection boasts a mix of esteemed luxury fashion houses and London-based designers, showcasing her appreciation for both renowned brands like Alexander McQueen and local talents such as Aspinal of London.

We all know it’s unlikely to spot Kate Middleton carrying a vibrant fuchsia gemstone bag adorned with bells, she manages to infuse her bags with her delightful personality. By engaging with modern trends and selecting well-known brands, the Princess effortlessly communicates her own unique flair and style preferences through her handbag choices. Therefore,  many bag enthusiast women look up to her for fashionable bags worth keeping.

If you are wondering what collection of bags Kate Middleton has from the renowned brand Aspinal of London,  then you must keep on reading till the end.

Here is everything you need to know about  Kate Middleton, Aspinal of London bags, and what the hype is about.

In Kate’s collection, she possesses a total of three Aspinal of London bags.

Alongside the Midi Mayfair in black croc, as displayed on this page, she owns the same bag in a captivating lilac shade.

And the third notable addition to Kate’s collection of Aspinal bags is the Blue Heart clutch, which holds a special significance.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, made a noteworthy visit to the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Program, held at the University of Copenhagen, on February 22, 2022. During her attendance, she demonstrated her excellent fashion taste by complimenting her outfit with the popular London Midi Mayfair handbag in black croc leather from the prestigious brand Aspinal.

The lilac croc bag made its debut in 2018 and has accompanied the Princess on two public engagements thus far. Regrettably, Aspinal of London has discontinued the lilac color, but they offer equally appealing alternatives such as the ‘lavender’ bag from their most recent collection. For those seeking a different shade, the ‘lavender’ and ‘taupe’ options serve as excellent substitutes that maintain the bag’s allure and charm.

The Aspinal of London top handle bag chosen by the Duchess is a true timeless beauty, effortlessly suitable for both daytime and evening ensembles. Its versatility is enhanced by a detachable leather strap, allowing it to be transformed into a chic crossbody bag. Adorned with a prominent gold signature shield lock, displaying Aspinal’s logo, the bag exudes an air of sophistication.

Upon opening the bag, one is greeted by a sumptuous grosgrain lining in a striking shade of red. The interior is intelligently designed, featuring a central zipped compartment to secure essentials and open pockets on either side for convenient organization. The harmonious combination of black leather, red lining, and gold accents creates an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive look. Blending vintage-inspired elements with contemporary chic, the overall design of the bag exemplifies the Duchess’s impeccable fashion choices.

The Princess has been spotted on five different occasions with the elegant black Aspinal Midi Mayfair handbag.

In recent years, Kate Middleton has shown a preference for small box bags featuring top handles, making her acquisition of the Aspinal Midi Mayfair a natural addition to her esteemed handbag collection. Which makes many think that she is in love with this chic.

Designed with a structured and boxy silhouette, the Aspinal Mayfair Midi exudes a sophisticated charm. It boasts a delicate top handle, complemented by exquisite gold hardware, and also offers the convenience of a detachable strap. The black variant of the bag presented Kate with a choice between two strap options: a gold metallic chain or a leather strap. Although the Duchess’s preference regarding the strap remains unknown, she has consistently carried the bag by its top handle during public appearances.

Crafted from luxurious full-grain Italian leather, the Mayfair bag showcases an alluring mock croc print, adding texture and visual interest to its design. As a distinctive touch, Aspinal’s signature shield lock takes pride in place on the front of the bag, elegantly engraved with the brand’s logo. Additionally, the company’s logo is thoughtfully embossed on the back of the bag, further enhancing its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

One of the standout features of the bag is its ideal size. Falling into the mid-sized category, it strikes a perfect balance, offering enough space to accommodate all your essentials while remaining compact and easily portable. For added convenience, the external slip pocket comes in handy for storing items like a small notebook, phone, or travel card, allowing quick and effortless access. Inside, the bag features a divided internal pocket with three sections, providing ample room to hold makeup, a purse, and a phone. Many women think that the bag owned by a Princess of Wales must be out of reach.  But that is not the truth.  Any woman can purchase this chic by using Aspinal of London voucher codes. These codes help them cut the price in half and allow them to save money.

Kate’s collection of Aspinal bags is the Blue Heart clutch from Kate’s collection of Aspinal bags, holds a special significance. This particular design was a result of a collaboration between Aspinal and another esteemed British brand that the Duchess frequently adorns, Beulah London. A commendable aspect of this collaboration was that both companies pledged to donate 25% of the profits from each sale to support the United Nations Blue Heart Campaign.

Unfortunately, the Blue Heart clutch is currently unavailable for purchase, having been discontinued. However, for those seeking an alternative that shares similar characteristics in terms of shape, size, and print, the black Croc Mayfair clutch serves as a wonderful option. This alternative offers a comparable aesthetic and can fulfill the desire for a bag that exudes both elegance and sophistication.

With their timeless design and vintage-inspired styling, the Aspinal of London bags are guaranteed to remain a stylish choice that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. Its classic appeal ensures it can be cherished for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment.  The Aspinal of London Discount Code makes it easier to buy for people on tight budgets.