Kaftan Kurti: 15 Tips On How To Style This Beautiful Garment.

Like many other women, I love wearing kaftans in different styles as I find them comfortable and cozy yet unique and elegant.

I remember the first time I saw a woman at a wedding wearing a royal blue kaftan with a gold sash around her waist. The beauty of that wonderfully stylized kaftan had made her look royal. Therefore, I searched for how to wear kaftans in different styles and tones, so that I can wear them more often. 

In a multitude of cultures, including in the Ottoman Empire and other African and Asian regions, Kaftans have been worn by both men and women. Over time, the kaftans have come to be a favorite fashion option for women and are now worn in different styles and designs around the world. 

Just in case you don’t know what kaftan is and where this traditional wear originated from. 

A kaftan is a loose and graceful garment originating in the Middle East. They usually are made of light and comfortable fabrics, for example, cotton, silk, or chiffon. The kaftan is characterized by its looser fit, extensive sleeves, and a variety of detailed embroideries, designs, or embellishments.

What are kaftans now in the fashion world? 

Modern kaftans are often associated with relaxed, bohemian, and resort wear. They’re flexible garments you can wear for different purposes, from beach cover-ups to more formal and glamorous evening dresses.  Kaftans with their comfortable, elegant shapes and ability to create a smooth flow are sought. It’s not wrong to say that today in the world of fashion, kaftan is gaining a lot of popularity. We just saw the gorgeous Hilary Clinton, who’d been dressed in a wonderful Blue Kaftan after Rihanna.

Here are 15 Different Ways to Stylize this Royal-Looking Attire. 

Try Adorning it with Belt. 

What made me love this dress, as I mentioned above, was the kaftan, which was decorated with a belt at the waist. I’m sure by defining your waist with a belt and adding some structure to the kaftan kurti, it gives you an attractive shape. Choose a belt that complements the color of your kaftan. To enhance the overall look, a low bun with simple shoes and mini bag brings out the effortless yet chic aspect of this outfit.

Cinch it With a Matching Scarf.

Don’t like to wear belts? No worry, try using a scarf to secure the kaftan kurti at your waist if you don’t have belts, or find it uncomfortable to wear them. This is going to give your dress a touch of elegance and color.

Experiment With Draping. 

To create various looks, you can use your kaftan kurti to drape it. To add visual interest, it can be draped asymmetrically or tied on one side.

Layer it with a jacket. 

You can pair your Kaftan kurta with jeans or a leather jacket for cooler weather and more sophisticated looks. That gives you a little extra edginess to your outfit. Make sure that the color of your suit and kaftan matches each other. For concerts and informal parties, this carefree style is most suitable. But here is a little girl-to-girl advice, consider this style for  winters

As the jacket will help you keep warm, cozy, and comfortable all while leaving the crowd stunned. 

Make a catchy look with a Statement Accessory.  

Accessorizing with big pieces of jewelry, such as chunky necklaces, statement earrings, or stack bangles, will make your kaftan kurti look even better. That instantly adds a great deal to the look. Don’t go overboard,  Keep the accessory moderate if the color of the kaftan is sharp Or if your kaftan is in nude color then use something that gives it a sharp and catchy look. 

How to wear a kaftan With Jeans. 

Before doing this research, I didn’t know women were wearing kaftans with jeans. It was a pure pleasure for me to create the fusion look by mixing kaftans kurti with jeans. I’ve been wearing it most of the time when I want to feel nice and warm. The combination allows the loose fit of a kaftan to be counterbalanced by the structured fit of jeans.

Optimize Monochrome Kaftan. 

Choose a solid color kaftan kurta, you can pair it with matching trousers or leggings. In every season, brightly colored kaftans offer a refreshing breeze and the best part is that it’s easy to glitter them up by applying statement jewelry pieces. A sleek, sophisticated look is created with monochrome clothing. A high feeling and texture is given to the monochrome kaftan. Kaftan is flowy, opaque and it has a distinctive look.

Go Bohemian for A Whole Different Vibe. 

Embrace the boho-chic vibe by styling your kaftan kurti with a floppy hat, fringe bag, and ankle boots. This look is perfect for festivals or casual outings. It is a great way to give your style a whole new vibe. 

For an Effortless Look, Pair it with leggings. 

Pairing it with leggings is the most frequently used and effortless tip. Try wearing your kaftan kurta with the right pair of pants to look relaxed and fashionable. To give your outfit a visually attractive look, choose contrasting colors. I’m more comfortable wearing this for casual brunch dates or family picnics.

Experiment with Different Prints and Patterns. 

An essential part of the wardrobe is colorful printed kaftans. The flowing long kaftan allows all the colors to stand out, posing as a canvas to display all the intricate and beautiful prints. Hunt for different prints in Kaftan as they are effortlessly stylish to carry a minimal yet luxurious look. Kaftan Kurtis often comes in various prints and patterns.  Add a visual impact to your outfit by playing with different prints, such as floral, geometric or abstract. I’ve always loved the blurred color prints. 

Glam It Up With Rich Fabric

For a glamorous look, choose a kaftan kurti in a luxurious fabric such as silk or satin. Pair it with high heels and a statement clutch for an elegant evening ensemble. I suggest bridesmaids beautify their look with a kaftan in rich fabric.  Well, for instance, you can have a graceful classic or silk kaftan do the job if you plan on going to an official lunch.

Wear For Cozy Beach Fun.

We suggest you take the kaftan with you if you have planned a beach vacation. You’re not going to regret it. Look, in order to beat the heat on the beach, you should use breathable material like cotton or chiffon. You won’t just be wearing the kaftan to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays, but you will also look very elegant at the beach. Layer it over your swimsuit and accessorize with a floppy hat and sandals for a stylish beach look. Kaftan’s loose and flowy look is perfect to carry for beach wear. 

Play with Textures to Give a Traditionally Modern Look

If you are in love with traditional kaftan but want to give it a modern touch at the same time. Experiment with different textures by choosing a kaftan kurti with embellishments, lace details, or embroidery. These elements add depth and visual appeal to your outfit and give a traditionally modern look at the same time. 

Try a color-blocked look. 

Styling a kaftan requires a lot of sensibility toward colors. If your kaftan kurta has multiple colors or panels, use this to your advantage and create a color-blocked outfit. To balance the overall look, pair it with solid colored bottoms and carry a single handbag in plain colors. You can wear them as you please, with hats, hair accessories, belts, or shoes according to the occasion.

Mix and Match, Give Your Own Creative Touch. 

In the end, make a statement with a kaftan by using your greatest creativity. You don’t have to worry about mixing and matching your kaftan kurti with other clothes in your closet! To create individual and specific looks, pair it with skirts, palazzo pants, or any other clothing you may have. 

Please remember that style is all about expressing your own taste and creativity. Use the tips I mentioned above as a starting point for now, and adjust them according to your style and preferences later. Don’t forget to try something new and take pics to show you creativity on your social platforms. I am sure you will have fun creating stunning outfits!