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How To Do Spiritual Egg Cleansing TikTok Egg Cleanse Trend!

What is a spiritual egg cleanse?

It is necessary for us to first understand what actually egg cleanse is, then further go on its steps and egg cleanse reading. An egg cleanse is a spiritual practice, that involves using a raw egg to remove negative energies, bad luck, and other spiritual impurities from any person’s energy field or even our body. 

People believe that the egg cleanse ritual is a powerful spiritual practice that can help them gain insight into their lives and remove negative vibes and bad energy.

The spiritual significance of the egg in cleansing is that it absorbs negative energy or bad luck while symbolically purifying the person or space.

History of Egg Cleansing And Its Benefits

Let me just give you an overview of the History of egg cleansing! The History of egg cleansing rituals dates back to ancient cultures all over the world, including Mesoamerica, Greece, Italy, and the Philippines. 

Now, the benefits of spiritual egg cleansing include purging evil, bad vibes, and bad luck, drawing negative energy out of the body, detecting evil spirits, detecting if you’ve been cursed by an evil eye, and telling you if you have an enemy.

How to prepare for a spiritual egg cleanse?

Things you need for Egg Cleanse and how to prepare for a spiritual egg cleanse, follow the easy steps I’m giving you below to do an egg cleanse ritual that will help you release negative energy and promote healing. 

  1. Gather your ritual items: You will need a fresh, white, uncooked egg, a clear cup (glass or plastic), and either Florida Water or water with salt. Make sure the water is cold, not warm.
  2. Set intentions for the egg cleanse: Hold the egg in both hands in front of your heart and set an intention for what you want the egg to remove for you and what you seek spiritual guidance on. You can say it aloud or in your head with your eyes open or closed and give gratitude to the egg for its assistance in this process.
  3. Cleanse the egg before the ritual: Gently wash the egg with Florida Water or your water with salt, just enough until you intuitively feel it’s been cleansed. This can be thought of as a baptism process.
  4. Prepare your space: Choose a quiet, private space for the ritual where you won’t be disturbed. You may want to light candles or burn incense to create a peaceful and calming environment.
  5. Prayers or affirmations during the spiritual cleansing: Hold the egg in your hand and recite a prayer or affirmation to set the tone for the cleansing ritual and connect with the divine energy. You can use any prayer or affirmation that resonates with you.
  6. Cleansing steps: Fill your cup with water (room temperature or cold, about 75% full). Rub the egg all over your body counter-clockwise from head to toe, visualizing all the negative energy leaving your body and entering the egg. You can say a prayer or chant of your choice during this process.
  7. Crack the egg: Crack the egg into the water and wait for 5 minutes to read your results. You can interpret the results by looking at the side of the cup but never look down into the cup.

Remember that spiritual healing is essential to performing any kind of energy ritual. You can’t properly manifest, attract your desires, or clear toxic energy if you don’t know your values, have a purpose, or aren’t able to identify your limiting beliefs.

How to read an egg cleanse? Signs and Advice!

Well, after you perform all the above steps, now crack open the egg or break its shell in water to examine the contents and signs of negative energy. 

Now, after performing the egg cleansing there can be several scenarios such as:


If you see a face in the yolk during the egg cleanse, it is believed to be a sign that you have an enemy. 

This person might feel jealous or think bad thoughts about you. Take a moment to think about whose face the egg resembles, as it can give you a clue about who might be causing you trouble or making you upset. 

Remember to be cautious around such individuals and focus on surrounding yourself with positive influences.

It’s important to remember that the interpretation of the egg cleanse results is based on personal beliefs and should be taken with caution.


If the water or blood in the egg cleanse has a bad smell, it means there is a presence of evil spirits or someone using magic against you. It also indicates an undiscovered illness. Consider doing a second egg cleanse to fully rid yourself of negative energies. 

  • However, if you have concerns about your health, I would recommend you to consult with a doctor for a proper medical evaluation.


  • If you find cobwebs in the whites of the egg during the cleanse, it could indicate that someone has placed an evil eye upon you.
  • Additionally, the presence of tiny brown specks in the water or egg yolk suggests the need for a second cleansing ritual to completely remove the effects of the evil eye.
  • Cobwebs can also symbolize being entangled in a confusing and distressing situation.


If you find needles or spikes in the egg during the cleanse, it could mean that there are people around you who want to hurt you or have bad intentions. These people might try to take away your happiness and make you feel sad. They might not want you to do well or achieve your goals. It’s important to be aware of such people and try to stay away from them to protect yourself and your positive energy.

My Recommendation: If you ever feel like someone is trying to make you feel bad or stop you from doing your best, remember to stay strong and believe in yourself. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who want to see you succeed.

Nothing in Water

If the water and the egg appear clear and normal during the cleanse, it suggests that there was no significant negative energy to remove from your body. Any negative feelings you may be experiencing could be attributed to other factors. In such cases, there is no need to perform another egg cleanse.

Common Signs of Positive Energies in the Egg: The signs from an egg can depend on the person and situation. If the egg doesn’t sink to the bottom of the water and floats, it is believed to be a sign of positive energy.

Common signs of negative energies in the egg: Common signs of negative energy in the egg include blood spots, bubbles, and a foul odor. If the egg sinks to the bottom of the water, it is believed to be a sign of negative energy.

What to do with the egg after reading the results: After reading the results of an egg cleanse, you should politely throw an egg. Some people choose to bury the egg, while others prefer to throw it away.

Consulting with a guide or mentor about the results: If you are unsure how to interpret the results of an egg cleanse, it may be helpful to consult with an experienced guide or mentor. They can further help you understand the signs and provide guidance on what to do next.

Why do people perform egg cleanses?

Usually, people perform egg cleanses as a way to rid themselves of negative spiritual energy, a practice rooted in ancient cultures worldwide, including Mesoamerica, Greece, and Scotland.

  • Especially, shamanic ritual is believed to cleanse the body and soul of negative and evil energy by using an uncooked egg.
  • As we read above, the process involves various steps, such as setting an intention with the egg, running the egg over the body, and interpreting the results based on the shape of the yolk, the shape of the egg whites, and the color of the water.
  • Simultaneously, practitioners and believers both claim that it can eliminate evil, draw out negative energy, detect evil spirits, and even identify enemies.

Is it safe to perform spiritual egg cleansing?

Although egg cleansing is a powerful and meaningful spiritual practice, it’s important to keep a few safety considerations in mind. 

Remember, if you have any allergies to eggs or other materials you are using, be sure to take necessary precautions to avoid any allergic reactions. In my case, I don’t have any allergies, so I did it with no worry. 

Many people believe that cleaning eggs can help them see ghosts, find enemies, and heal any illness, but there is no scientific evidence to back these claims.

Additionally, some people also feel uncomfortable during the egg cleansing process, and it is important to listen to your senses and inner guidance regarding how often to conduct the ritual.

Beliefs and cultural relevance of egg cleanse

The egg cleanse has roots in ancient cultures all over the world, including Mesoamerica, Greece, Scotland, and Native American cultures. In some Native American cultures, eggs were believed to have the power to heal and protect and were used in rituals to ward off negative energies and influences. In the European tradition of folk magic, eggs have long been used as a tool for divination and spiritual cleansing.


I hope you got all the information! Spiritual egg cleansing is a popular practice discussed in the text. It involves using a raw egg to remove negative energy and bad luck. The egg is believed to absorb the negativity. 

To perform the cleanse, you set an intention with the egg, hold it in your hands, and run it over your body. If the egg breaks or appears dirty, you repeat the process until it becomes cleaner.

After the cleanse, it is recommended to take a cleansing bath and clean your surroundings. We also got all the mentioned preparation steps and how to interpret the results. 

Signs of negativity include a sinking egg, blood spots, bubbles, or a foul odor. A floating egg is seen as a sign of positive energy.

The cultural significance of egg cleansing is highlighted, but it’s important to approach it with caution. Remember, it lacks scientific evidence and not be suitable for those with allergies or discomfort.