30 Amazing French Tip Nail Design Ideas

The epitome of classical and timeless nails are the French tips! They’re sleek, sophisticated and capable of being dressed in a variety of styles. While many people love the timeless French tips of nudes and whites, there are a lot of really fun combinations and brilliant colours that make this manicure stand out. They can be customized to your taste because they are one of the most varied nail designs on the market.

There are an infinite number of options to choose from, whether you’d like the classic White French Manicure or want something more colourful. That is why we will be looking at how you can create a look for yourself.

Scroll down till the end of the blog as I’m going to show you 30 French tip nail design that will inspire you to embrace this timeless trend and enhance your manicure game.

WHITE, Simple and Clean.

  •  White French tip nail, Simple and Clean.

You can’t go wrong with white French tip nails when it comes to achieving this elegant and timeless look. These nails are everything you need, whether you’re going to a relaxing party or dressing up for your special occasion.

BLACK, Extra Minimal Look

  •  Black French tip nail design

A sleek and minimalistic twist on the classic French tip is offered by the black French tip nails. It’s a good alternative, allowing you to get out there with some edge.

  •  Matte black French tip nail design

Matte black French nail design is a trendy choice, whether you prefer a grungy or gothic look. You can try the style as shown or opt for a glossy black tip with a matte black base.

BLUE, Summer Vibe.

  •  Blue French tip nail design

The blue tips of the French are regarded as classic and timeless because they’re capable of elevating any outfit. This look can be customized for each season, thanks to the multitude of colours and tones of blue that you may choose.

  •  Sky blue French tip nail design

The Light Blue Set is a fun and customizable twist on the classic French manicure. The combination of sun, sea, and sky-blue vibe is perfect for summer French tip nails.

  •  Royal blue French tips designs

The sense that you’re serious about business comes through in the royal blue French tips! For a more creative take.

GLITTER Add Sparkle to Any Outfit.

  •  Glitter French Tips Nail Design

Do you need a little nail vibe on your date night?

For adding a small amount of glam to your French manicure, you can use these glitter tip nails Achieve the ultimate glam look with sparkly French tip nails design. This understated style is still oh-so-glamorous.

  •  Gold French tip nail designs

Gold French tip nails are good for every season and look so pretty in combination with beautiful rings and bracelets, especially suited to fall winter, Christmas or weddings.

  •  Rose gold French tip nails designs

One cannot go wrong with a golden French tip. they are an excellent choice. To add rose gold nail varnish to the tip, use a beige or pink neutral base and add a thin white line under the rose gold tip for a more modern look.

  • Silver French tip nail

It’s not just on trend right now, but silver French nail design add a touch of edge to your classy and timeless look. Silver French tips will instantly add a new dimension to your appearance, whether you stay faithful to the classical style of the tip or experiment with waves and complex patterns.

BROWN Warm and Classy

  •    Brown French tip nail design

While brown is often associated with autumn, these nails can be used throughout the year to give you a fashionable and minimal look! When you pair the brown French tips with a neutral colour, such as classic French nail polish, it looks elegant and simple. But we’ve also seen plenty of people wearing two complementary shades of brown which look nice.

GLAZED, On-Trend

  • Glazed French tip nails

Adding the modern touch to your classic white manicure with polished French tip nails is an excellent way. The glazed nails are a great way to spice up your style, because of the glossy finish. The Glazed French Tip nail design will make your Manicure even more special, no matter whether you are attending a wedding or an event.

PASTEL, Refreshing Spring Vibe

  • Pastel French tip nails

The Pastel French Tip nails design is so good when you’re adding some colour and maintaining the classic look. These nails are going to make you look instantly beautiful, whether you’re wearing a soft purple, light pink or green.

COMBINATIONS, Timeless and Trendy

  • Red and black French tip nails design

Red French tip nails are a glamorous choice for Valentine’s Day, fall, or winter. These colours are classic glam rock, great for Halloween and the winter months.

  • Red and white French tip nails

There are so many ways to use this combination to create French tip designs. You can make Candy cane art for Christmas or hearts for Valentine. Try embellishing it with silver gems. You can also try reverse a traditional approach and use white on your nails and red tips.

  • black and white French tip nails

For a classic yet fun nail design, try black-and-white French tips. You can make this combination of colours to create cute french nail tips by adding cool designs such as geometric patterns or complex nail art, while remaining elegant.

  • Black and silver French tip nails

These colours can stand out as you wish when mixed, or if you want to do something a bit more delicate and unobtrusive.

REVERSE, Upside-Down 

  • Reverse French tip nails

By placing the French tip near the cuticle instead of the edge of the nail, reverse nail designs take a fresh approach to the classic design. The twist adds to your manicure a unique, instantly cool feel.

ORANGE, Unique and Bright

  • Orange French tip nails

Go all out, long and bold or just a thin edge of orange. Fall and Halloween are the perfect time of year for orange French tip nails because they’ve got so many shades and tones to pick from.

GREEN, Cool and Warm Tone.

  • Light Green French tip nails

The green French tip nails are perfect for any season, given the variety of colours to choose from. Light green hues are trending this year. This milky set complements any outfit and is professional enough for work.

  • Dark green French tip nails

A great way to get used to some black French tips is to use dark green nails.

TWIST, For Fun Look.

  • French tip nails with a twist

You can add a little bit of personality to your nails and keep them looking polished by using French tips with twists. You can enhance your nails and express yourself in a personal fashion by incorporating distinct elements, for example, the golden lines on classical white tips or experimenting with geometrical patterns and complicated shapes.


  • Yellow Frenchies

Yellow French tip nails can look sophisticated with pretty nail art for a subtle style. They can make any type of shape of nails turn cute with French tip nails.

  • Lime French tip nails

The lime French tip nails are currently in trend, particularly for the summer season.

NUDE, Flattering Tone

  • Nude French tip nail design

The nude French tip nails, where a nude colour is applied to the tips instead of normal pale white nail polish, present a new twist on this classic. This one’s a bit more modest, it looks very refined. Ah, nude nail, A real classic that can be made to your specifications for any occasion or event.

RAINBOW, So Many Combinations to Try.

  • Rainbow French tip nails

This is a really fun twist on manicures in France! Try a colour combination on both nails and tips or go nude over the nail, with different colours in each tip.

NEON is perfect for Summer Nights

  • Neon French tip nails

The neon French Tip trend is the perfect way to introduce some colours without creating too much of an impression, if you don’t feel confident enough to get a full neon all over your nails. The neon creates summer French tips nails look so elegant that you can put on for summer nightouts.

ART Attack

  • Flower Frenchies

You can apply a combination of colours, combine some dainty flowers to the white or colour block tip, add flowers over only one accent nail, paint blossoms on every nail and put colour in your tips.

  • Butterfly French tips

What’s fun about French butterfly nail tips is the combinations of colours you can play with. They are the perfect style for spring and summer, add glitter, gems, gold leaf or any other shimmer to make them look extra special.

  • Spring French tip nail design

Spring is all about flowers, love, sun, birds and bees, colours and new life. We’re very fond of this art, which includes hearts, flowers, stars, pastels and a couple of brightly coloured fruits perfect for spring.